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Wearing Your Baby in Real Life

October 18, 2009

Evangeline in sling

Kyle and I just recently watched the Sam Mendes film “Away We Go” about a pregnant couple trying to figure out their parenting style. Along the way they visit a hilarious hippie couple who are horrified at the thought of strollers. They tell them  “I LOVE my babies. I want them close to me. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me? No, in this house, we CARRY our children.” Kyle and I looked at each other and said, well…she has a point.We definitely do practice “baby wearing“, a fancy term for carrying your baby in an apparatus, and we love it.

Baby wearing is a term used to mean putting your baby in a sling, front carrier, back carrier, wrap, etc. Today this is super easy to do because there are literally dozens and dozens of products available for use. Most people I know have found one or two and swear by them. The theory behind baby wearing is that it helps to form secure attachment between a child and parent so that they continue to feel safe and close to you outside of the womb. Once the child is ready to explore and be independent from the parent, then they will do so with the knowledge that they have a secure home base to come back to. Beyond this theory, baby wearing just makes a lot of practical sense. For me, it makes sense to me that when my baby is fussy or crying, she wants to be held. She spent 9 months living inside of me, so why wouldn’t she want to continue to be close to me most of them time? Evangeline has a little meter, I swear, that says rather or not she has been held enough that day. If that meter doesn’t get filled up, she’s not a happy baby.

But practically, you can’t hold your baby in your arms all day and get much done. Hence, a baby carrier. We use a  Rockin’ Baby sling*, pictured above, and the ERGO Baby Carrier. Both have been lifesavers. They are great for around the house, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning. They also work great for going on walks, doing errands, sightseeing, going to friend’s houses, and the list goes on. I highly recommend both of these baby carriers, but there are a million other out there. Find one that works for you!

*Be forewarned that if you use a sling, you WILL have people ask you if you have a dog in there…yes a dog. Not a baby, but a dog. This has happened to all of my friends that have used a sling. At least it’s good for a laugh!

PS. We definitely DO use strollers also!! We’re not as extreme as the a fore mentioned couple. More on that later.

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  1. October 25, 2009 6:51 am

    Babywearing is the BEST. When my baby was littler, I usually opted for the BabyHawk Mei Tai. Now she is seven months old and my favorite carrier is the ERGO (by far!). That said, I also use the kokopax carrier because it is so easy to put on and take off by myself – perfect for wearing around the house or on neighborhood walks when my husband isn’t home.

    P.S. We still use strollers too, but very rarely. I much prefer to have my baby in my arms or in a carrier, where I can interact with her and keep her close to my heart.

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