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Lodi Local Spotlight: PDC Boutique

November 5, 2009

I cannot rave enough about my favorite boutique in Lodi! This place is amazing and straight out of the fashionable, chic boutiques you might see in LA or San Francisco.

Located in Woolsworth Place, 115 S. School St., Suite 5, School Street, PDC Boutique is known in town for it’s eclectic home decor, amazingly cute clothes and jewelry, and wonderful array of body products. I have so many beautiful items around my home from PDC, including several items purchased for Evangeline’s bedroom. They also carry my favorite body line, Lolia. Owner and Creative Designer, Lisa Starkey-Laber (check our her blog at has done an amazing job at bringing high fashion, funky artsy pieces into her boutique from all over the place. She regularly makes trips to London and Los Angeles, and carries pieces from local artists.

I seriously could spend so much money in this place! If you’re local, check it out! You will NOT want to miss it.

Here’s some things I’m seriously craving from PDC Boutique:


Super cute speciality lingerie...locally handmade!

feather duster

Who doesn't need a feather duster to brighten cleaning? This would be so cute and funky in a bouquet of flowers

Dolce baci 3

Check out local children's clothing designer, Dolci Bace (lives down the street from me!)

Dolci Bace is super cute children’s clothes. Even if you don’t live in Lodi, you can still order online!!

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  1. November 24, 2009 7:20 pm

    Awww…your to kind Elisabeth! Thanks for featuring us under Lodi’s Local Spotlight! I love the PDC Boutique too!! Hope you have a fabulous Thanks Giving.

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