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Remember When…..

November 9, 2009

I love being a mom, but sometimes don’t you reminisce of a time before kids,  just a little bit…about the days when…

You could run off to have an overnight visit with a friend at the last-minute?

You could wear a bathing suit without worrying if it covers up your stretch marks?

Your boobs were perkier?

You could go on a date with your partner without doubling your date budget to pay the sitter?

Words like “Diaper Genie”, “Nipple Cream” and “Tummy Time” were not in your everyday vocabulary?

You could sleep in past 7 am on weekends?

You could have sex without being interrupted by a child crying…sort of ruins the mood?

I know, I’m probably not supposed to say these things. But I couldn’t help just a little of remembering. The thing is, I don’t think of those as “the good ol’ days”, just the “ol’ days”. I’m living the good days right now.



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