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Smoothies from Leftover Baby Food!

November 22, 2009

Have leftover jars of opened fruit and veggie baby food in the fridge? Not sure what to do with them? Make a smoothie for yourself! Jarred baby food with fruits and veggies has only fruit and veggies and water in them. They are perfectly safe for adults to eat (in fact you should…if your baby sees that you eat it, than he/she might be more willing to try it).

This morning I made a smoothie with:

1 banana, a container of plain Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt, 1/2 c. of milk, honey, and 1/2 jar of Earth’s Best Organic Carrots and 1/2 jar of Full Circle Apples and Apricots.

It’s delicious! Note: if using greek yogurt in a smoothie, blend a little longer as it tends to take longer to break down into smoothie consistency.


When baby gets a little older and can have milk and yogurt, she can have some smoothie too. Smoothies are nutritious and can help alleviate sore gums because of the cold temperature. Here are some great recipes from Wholesome Baby.

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