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Decorating a Child’s Nursery

December 15, 2009

With the new baby coming in July, I’m already thinking about how I’m going to decorate the nursery. With Evangeline, I found this part of pregnancy to be really fun and helped me to “get ready” for the baby if not physically, than definitely mentally.

Evangeline slept in our room for about 3 months and I imagine this baby will too. But I can’t wait to make a space for the little soybean for clothes, toys, changing station and eventually a place he or she will sleep.

The thing is we’re not finding out the sex. I made a bargain with Kyle last time that we would not find out for this baby because we found out for Evangeline. If he had it his way, every baby would be born a surprise. My opinion is that it’s just easier to find out before for decorating reasons, and for baby showers (unless you’re really into yellow and green which is exactly what you would get).

In any case, I’m getting on board with this whole not finding out thing. Slowly. My biggest problem is deciding on a nursery idea. Evangeline’s room is very girlie, although not traditionally so. I used the colors of green, bright pink and brown. The new room doesn’t have to be “girlie” or “boyish”, but gender-neutral rooms are hard to not make totally boyish.

Here are three things I know about decorating a nursery:

  1. It must be functional for several years, not just the baby years.
  2. I hate themes where everything matches and comes in one little package. Part of the fun for me is finding unique and fun ways to decorate that aren’t so baby cliché.
  3. I am not made of money, and I have to do it on a budget. Which only inspires more creativity as we know.

My favorite resources for Evangeline’s room were:

  1. Etsy! My love my love. All things wonderful and handmade. I bought a couple of really cute vintage sugar canisters that now contain bows, suckies, chalk (for her chalkboard door) and other odds and ends. I also had her bumper made from the Amy Butler fabric I picked out for the bedding. My mom made her comforter cover and pillow, but bumpers require a specific skill set that is easily available to find on Etsy.
  2. OhDeeDoh. I found literally dozens of ideas and inspirations for Evangeline’s room including the bright pink “Funny Girl” poster that hangs on one wall. This website, a daughter of Apartment Therapy, has amazing photos and DIY projects from people all over the country. And none of these nurseries can be bought at Babies R Us.
  3. Stuff I already had around the house. I used an “E” hook I already had (since our names begin with the same letter), old wooden toys that used to be mine, a picture I bought in Berkeley when I lived on Telegraph, and a favorite J.M.Barrie quote on the wall.
  4. PDC the Boutique. I bought several cute things at the wonderful Lodi boutique including lanterns, decorated paper and a favorite Happy Birthday plate.

So time to start mulling over ideas for the second nursery. We shall see what becomes of it!

Yes, that last picture does have geometry on it. Kyle is bent on having the world’s youngest mathematical genius. He’s such a good dad:)

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  1. December 15, 2009 4:06 pm

    Can’t wait to see the new and creative nursery you will come up with!!

  2. Christie permalink
    December 15, 2009 6:05 pm

    Ooh, how fun! Decorating the nursery again! And Etsy is awesome, although my new favorite is Regretsy- have you checked that out? The best of the worst Etsy stuff. Fantastically funny.

  3. December 16, 2009 10:13 pm

    I went all out decorating Alice’s nursery too. I felt just like you– it helped me prepare for her. (you can see it here if you want– ) Clark’s room is still a work in progress because we moved when he was six months old and his new room was never put together in the same way his “nursery” was. I have no clue what we will do when we have another baby someday, I think we will leave the gender a surprise too. I love your daughter’s room. That La La Love You poster is perfect. I sing that to my kids all the time.

  4. Allie permalink
    December 16, 2009 10:39 pm

    Evangeline has a beautiful room. The new room will be amazing too!

    We went with gender neutral even though we knew about Emma in advance since we could use the same stuff for the next one regardless (which we did). There are lots of ways to do gender neutral w/o being too boyish. I liked to browse the potterybarn kids stuff and steal ideas, like color combinations and such we could use with our own twists. Bunnies (colors yellow, green, blue) were fun to pull from lots of different places. (I agree about the matchy-matchy stuff…too contrived). This stikes a cord with me right now because I just packed away the nursery stuff. So sad!

    • December 23, 2009 10:59 am

      Yeah, I actually found the exact crib duster that you had for Emma’s room on eBay! Another very very great resource for cheaply decorating!

  5. December 24, 2009 1:16 pm

    Your daughter’s room is lovely. I like your modern, unique, you-can’t-find-it-at-Babies-R-Us style. Those Funny Girl and La La Love You prints add so much. What does the quote say above her crib?

    • December 24, 2009 2:52 pm

      Thanks Stephanie! The quote reads “I am not young enough to know everything”, from J.M. Barrie. Of course, once she’s old enough to read, we might paint over it 😉

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