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We got a little crawler!

January 31, 2010

Well, it’s happened! Evangeline is crawling around the joint! It’s amazing how fast this progression has happened. She was rocking on her hands and knees for a long while without trying to initiate the cross crawl pattern. Then she did the army crawl thing for about two days, and then she just started crawling! Within two days of crawling, she has definitely quickened and speed and accuracy!

It’s a whole new world now. I feel like I just became a parent all over again. I find myself newly worried about things I haven’t worried about for the last eight months, like if there is a bobby pin on the ground that she might get to and choke on. We’ve already rearranged everything in the house to make it more baby friendly. I feel the need to clean the floors every day now.

I’m sorry to say that I conceded in the days leading up to her crawling and used the highly motivational tools of the remote control and cell phone to get her moving. We placed the remotes and our cell phones around the living room and watched as she took off on hands and knees towards these highly coveted objects. Of course then we were really mean and took them away as soon as she got them. But hey, it worked! We got her to crawl.

I also find myself pushing her into the next “milestone” a little quicker than I might have before I got pregnant. With the impending belly growth around the corner and then a new little attention suck coming in July, I’m realizing my life might be a little easier if Evangeline can crawl, walk and move a bit more without my help.

With this newfound freedom has also come a sleep strike! My poor sleep deprived baby is much to busy and active now to say goodnight or take a nap longer than 45 minutes. This too shall pass. I’m just glad she’s at least having fun exploring the heating vents and kitchen tile.

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