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Make Valentine’s Day Last and Last…

February 15, 2010

Kyle and I are not very big on Valentine’s Day. Really it seems to be yet another holiday to buy an expensive card, eat lots of candy and either feel pressured to tell your loved one how MUCH you love them or be depressed that you don’t have someone to love. We’ve put our own personal boycott on the big hoopla. 

We DO, however, enjoy telling we love each other and showing each other love throughout the year. With Kathi Lipp’s latest “project” book, it has never been easier! We recently went through The Marriage Project , by Lipp, and were incredibly pleased with the process as well as the result!

A follow up to the acclaimed The Husband Project, which I wrote about earlier here, this books focuses on both partners equally participating in the project and working together towards more laughter, fun and love. The whole project is nicely packaged in an easy to follow 21 day plan with instructions, places to make your plan, and plenty of inspirational ideas. 

The thing I really like about both these books as that the projects are pracitcal. Some only take 15 minutes a day, while others make every day activities (such as cooking dinner) into a project itself, making the idea of 21 consecutive projects seem much less overwhelming. There are also bonus projects (umm, yes, sex…you do have to have sex in the project) which are actually really fun and may even stem naturally from a week long of having fun with your partner. 

Our favorite projects were the date nights, something we rarely do on our own without a little prompting. We went the whole nine yards, got a sitter, dressed up, planned fun things to do, and HAD A BLAST! Thankfully we enjoy our daughter so much, but we sometimes forget the importance of being with just the two of us. 

Ok, this is my little confession for the book: Kyle and I took 35 days to do it, not 21! There are days when we are two ships passing in the night and we literally do not see each other except at 4am when we get up to go to the bathroom. So, we made the project work for us and stretched it out a bit. Some days we doubled up on the shorter projects, others we didn’t do anything at all. The end result was the same and we finished feeling closer, more connected and with lots of fun memories. 

I highly recommend this book to any married couple, regardless of whether or not your marriage is “in trouble”. This project is a fun way to reconnect, enojoy each other and get to know one another, no matter what stage your marriage is in. Like The Husband Project, we plan to make The Marriage Project something we will repeat again and again, because really…what marriage doesn’t need a little pick me up now and then?

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  1. February 19, 2010 4:55 pm

    I always love hearing about really good relationship books. Thanks for the tip!

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