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Just when you think you’ve got it all down…

February 25, 2010
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…something happens to throw you off completely! Now that Evangeline is completely mobile, I feel like I’m becoming a parent for the first time all over again! This is unchartered territory for me! Lost are the days when you can put the baby down and she stays in one place. Now, I spend about half my time cleaning things up off the floor/low reaching areas and the other half of the time having a little munchkin follow me around the house (I keep thinking…wait a minute, you’re way too small for this!).

Just as I’m writing this, Evangeline was playing happily on the floor and then started half-choking on something! I rushed to her to see what it was…a tiny piece of wood that must have been dropped when we had a fire last night! I even cleaned the floor today! This place is a death trap!

It’s also quite frustrating that everything and anything within a baby’s reach gets ripped to shreds or eaten. I had just purchased these adorable flag banners from Etsy for the new baby’s room (which is coming along swimmingly, can’t wait to show final pictures!). I stupidly had them in the box on the floor of the room and went to change into my clothes this morning when I hear a ripping and tearing and crinkling…oh damn. There went the antique love poem book banner. It’s probably partially salvageable, but mostly ruined. This wouldn’t have happened two months ago. It would have stayed there in its little box, untouched until I hung it. My own fault though.

In my mommy group this morning, we were talking about creating the kind of family you want through intentionality. We also talked about the importance of being flexible and not guilting yourself about everything. This is proving especially true with my new little mobile person around. I can’t have a perfectly clean house 100% of the time so I can’t feel too guilty about it. And when my stuff gets ruined…books, decor, etc, etc….I need to remind myself that it’s just stuff and not anywhere remotely close to the importance of exploration and fun that Evangeline is having.

Tonight I sat on the floor and watched her crawl around in her diaper for about a half hour. How did I create this little thing? This little thing that moves and thinks and feels and…ahh, ok I feel like an ok parent again.

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  1. March 31, 2010 5:42 pm

    I know you are busy with life and all, I just wanted to pop in and say I really miss reading what is happening in your life! I check in often in hopes that I see something new. When you get the chance I know you will write. Until then I hope things are working out for you and hope to hear from you soon!

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