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It’s Been A While!

January 5, 2010

We have all been sick at my house! First Kyle, then me…and now Evangeline is feverish and clingy and fussy….poor thing.

So, I haven’t been around a lot lately. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, emailing, and cleaning your house. But we’re back in action coming back slowly!


Don’t you wish you were this flexible?

December 24, 2009

Evangeline’s newest favorite toys are her…toes! She loves to suck on them, I can barely keep socks and shoes on her! The funny thing, she started doing this a few months ago and my mother looked at me and said “You know, they say once a baby finds her feet, it’s time for another one.” I rolled my eyes and felt a wave of exhaustion come over me at the thought of a new baby. Funny thing is…I was already pregnant when she said this!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!

Creative gift wrapping/Last minute gift wrapping

December 22, 2009

a cute little briefcase

My husband is very creative. He has seemingly never lost that child-like imagination. I simultaneously envy him and love him for it. This year, he has wrapped several of our gifts in their own one of a kind brown paper bag wrappings. Complete with Sharpie decor. They are great. And the best thing about this kind of wrapping is that there are literally endless possibilities!

a television set

a television set

a picture frame wrapped as a certificate of award!

Thinking About Christmas

December 21, 2009

Christmas is now only a few days away. This year hasn’t seemed as crazy as Christmas usually is. I’ve luckily had a lot more time to relax, enjoy family, look at my little Christmas tree, and think about “the reason for the season” (blah, I hate that phrase).

Last night I was sitting in my non-church fellowship gathering thing, Sojourn, reflecting about Christmas and why we celebrate. I had just taken communion and went back to the back of the room where the parents and babies hang out. I was looking lovingly at my child, and I couldn’t help but think about Jesus as a baby.

I love to think about Jesus is his humanity. He was completely human and completely God. What was that like? What was Jesus like as a baby? Did he stare lovingly into his mother’s eyes as he nursed from her breasts? Was he a good sleeper? Did he have colic? What about child-hood illnesses? What was his favorite toy as a baby? What was his first word? Did he suck his thumb?

The picture we most often get from the stories is a perfect, silent baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger. But Jesus was still a baby. And a baby is a baby. They come with all their perfect and imperfect little baby quirks. It’s weird to think about Jesus as an infant with a poopie diaper. But he did, right? Somehow, thinking about Jesus in this way helps me feel closer to him. It helps me feel like the vastness that is God is more relatable because of Jesus and his human-ness. Perhaps this is part of God’s plan (aside from  salvation). Perhaps this plan to make himself into one of us was a way of helping us relate to him.

Just something I’m mulling over this year at Christmas time….

Images from a December morning

December 18, 2009

My favorite is the morning hair and the self-inflicted scratch under the right eye.

weird dreams

December 16, 2009

I was just over at It’s Your Movie, and Erin just posted about a weird dream she had. I suddenly remembered the onslaught of weird pregnancy dreams I’m ALREADY having.

I’ve actually always had weird dreams, but when I’m pregnant I guess they get especially weird. Here are some highlights from this pregnancy and the last. Again with the lists. I know I know. Just go with it.

1. When I was pregnant with Evangeline, I dreamt I gave birth to a baby tiger. I was trying to breastfeed immediately after birth, but the sharp teeth were causing a problem. Then, within fifteen minutes, the tiger morphed into a fully clothed sixteen year old African-American girl. I continued to try to breastfeed but felt so awkward about it that I just couldn’t. Weird.

2. This pregnancy, I dreamt I gave birth to twins in a dentist chair . I pushed the first one out and my mom took him (a boy) and away so I could deliver the second. She came back while I was pushing and told me that the baby was actually a hermaphrodite. I was so mad at her for telling me this that I yelled at her to leave. Then, later the doctor told me that the baby was not a hermaphrodite but simply had very small testicles. WHY oh WHY am I having these kind of weird bizarre and kind of messed up dreams?

I used to be really into dream analysis, as in the concept that everything you dream means something. Then, I started having these kinds of dreams and the more that I tried to analyze the dreams, the more freaked out I got. So I kind of just stopped believing that everything meant something for my sanity.

Decorating a Child’s Nursery

December 15, 2009

With the new baby coming in July, I’m already thinking about how I’m going to decorate the nursery. With Evangeline, I found this part of pregnancy to be really fun and helped me to “get ready” for the baby if not physically, than definitely mentally.

Evangeline slept in our room for about 3 months and I imagine this baby will too. But I can’t wait to make a space for the little soybean for clothes, toys, changing station and eventually a place he or she will sleep.

The thing is we’re not finding out the sex. I made a bargain with Kyle last time that we would not find out for this baby because we found out for Evangeline. If he had it his way, every baby would be born a surprise. My opinion is that it’s just easier to find out before for decorating reasons, and for baby showers (unless you’re really into yellow and green which is exactly what you would get).

In any case, I’m getting on board with this whole not finding out thing. Slowly. My biggest problem is deciding on a nursery idea. Evangeline’s room is very girlie, although not traditionally so. I used the colors of green, bright pink and brown. The new room doesn’t have to be “girlie” or “boyish”, but gender-neutral rooms are hard to not make totally boyish.

Here are three things I know about decorating a nursery:

  1. It must be functional for several years, not just the baby years.
  2. I hate themes where everything matches and comes in one little package. Part of the fun for me is finding unique and fun ways to decorate that aren’t so baby cliché.
  3. I am not made of money, and I have to do it on a budget. Which only inspires more creativity as we know.

My favorite resources for Evangeline’s room were:

  1. Etsy! My love my love. All things wonderful and handmade. I bought a couple of really cute vintage sugar canisters that now contain bows, suckies, chalk (for her chalkboard door) and other odds and ends. I also had her bumper made from the Amy Butler fabric I picked out for the bedding. My mom made her comforter cover and pillow, but bumpers require a specific skill set that is easily available to find on Etsy.
  2. OhDeeDoh. I found literally dozens of ideas and inspirations for Evangeline’s room including the bright pink “Funny Girl” poster that hangs on one wall. This website, a daughter of Apartment Therapy, has amazing photos and DIY projects from people all over the country. And none of these nurseries can be bought at Babies R Us.
  3. Stuff I already had around the house. I used an “E” hook I already had (since our names begin with the same letter), old wooden toys that used to be mine, a picture I bought in Berkeley when I lived on Telegraph, and a favorite J.M.Barrie quote on the wall.
  4. PDC the Boutique. I bought several cute things at the wonderful Lodi boutique including lanterns, decorated paper and a favorite Happy Birthday plate.

So time to start mulling over ideas for the second nursery. We shall see what becomes of it!

Yes, that last picture does have geometry on it. Kyle is bent on having the world’s youngest mathematical genius. He’s such a good dad:)